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Wick Centering Tool

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  • You've spent more time than anyone will know testing and perfecting your candles (we know - we've been there). Your beautiful candles deserve centered wicks! Designed with ease of use and productivity in mind, the Wick Centering Tool is used to place the wick perfectly centered in the bottom of your vessel.

    What's Included:
    1x Wick Centering Tool

    Happy wicking!

  • - Patent pending
    - Speeds up candle production
    - Improves quality and safety of the candle
    - Eliminates the frustration of "eyeballing" every wick
    - Made specifically for each vessel for a perfect fit
    - Made from a recyclable, plant-based bioplastic
    - Configurable for many different wick types and wick placements

  • When using multiple wicks, spacing is typically what is shown in the table below. This is based on the most commonly used spacing for these specific diameters. If you prefer different spacing, just let us know in the “Special instructions" section at checkout!

    Diameter  (Wick Spacing)
    3"-3.99"  (1")
    4"-4.74"  (1.25")
    4.75"-5.49"  (1.5")
    5.5"+  (1.75")

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Anxiety & Stress Reliever

All of my wick centering tools fit perfectly and they take the anxiety & stress out of the equation!
Highly recommend!


Great product! I’ve already suggested it to social media groups!

Game Changer For Sure!!!

A must have!
I was using the pen stem method for a few months, and had to eyeball the inside of the vessel and hope my placement wasn't too off.
Like shooting darts right?
No matter how good you think you did it, uniformity is oh so much better.
These setters are amazing! Alyssa is just as amazing as the products. Excellent service.
Yea, the wait to receive your order is a little more than desired, but when you use these setters you'll only regret not buying them sooner.


Received my centering tools today. Worth the wait. They fit perfect. Alyssa helped me find the right size. I think these will be a game changer in my candle making. Don’t hesitate to order!


I am glad I found out about these. They make centering so easy! Thank you!