Designed with ease of use and productivity in mind, our patent pending Wick Centering Tools and Wick Holders are full of features that make them unique. Check them out for both cotton and wooden wicks.

Review from Black Tie Barn

Our Wick Centering Tools are so easy to use that you can center your wicks blindfolded. Don't believe us? Check out this amazing video of Wade from Black Tie Barn reviewing our Wick Centering Tools and Wick Holders.

  • Wick Holders

    The holders sit around the exterior of the vessel so that there is no interference with your wax fill height

  • Endless Options

    With 546 different vessel options from 40 different suppliers, 16 color options, and any wick configuration you can imagine, our products are made to your specifications.

  • Made To Last

    Manufactured in-house from a recyclable, plant-based bioplastic, our products are made to be used again and again