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  • You've spent more time than anyone will know testing and perfecting your candles (we know - we've been there). Your beautiful candles deserve centered wicks! Designed with ease of use and productivity in mind, the Wick Holders are used to center and hold the top of the wick while the wax solidifies. The ‘V’ design holds cotton wicks firmly to prevent shifting during wax setting.

    What's Included:
    12x Wick Holders

    Happy wicking!

  • - Patent pending
    - Speeds up candle production
    - Improves quality and safety of the candle
    - Eliminates frustration of "eyeballing" every wick
    - Holds wicks firmly to prevent shifting and slouching during wax setting
    - Eliminates wasted candles from wicks falling out of the wick holders
    - Made specifically for each vessel for a perfect fit
    - Made from a recyclable, plant-based bioplastic
    - Configurable for many different wick types and wick placements

  • When using multiple wicks, spacing is typically what is shown in the table below. This is based on the most commonly used spacing for these specific diameters. If you prefer different spacing, just let us know in the “Special instructions" section at checkout!

    Diameter  (Wick Spacing)
    3"-3.99"  (1")
    4"-4.74"  (1.25")
    4.75"-5.49"  (1.5")
    5.5"+  (1.75")

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Allen Schaeffer
Wick Setters and Wick Holder

I have ordered sets for two containers and they are perfect. A simple idea that makes wicking so much easier. Thanks

Julie Hammer
Perfect Fit

Perfect Fit. I already had a wick setter, but the various wick holders I had were just not quite right. These solved that issue wonderfully and now I'm going to order more for my other size jars.

DeVann Vincent
So Awesome!

I got a set of wick holders AND the wick setting tool. It fits my jar perfectly and makes everything easier. I emailed customer service for help picking the correct products and the response was quick, friendly and accurate. You won’t be disappointed with these. Buy them.

Really Great Product

These are a really good quality product. You can buy these sized to fit the exact jars you use. I bought single-wick for the tumbler I use and will be buying 2-wick and 3-wick as well.

M Perkins
Makes life so much easier!

Norden's Wick Holders are the Best! It's so nice to have Wick Holders that fit your vessel exactly. We ordered different colors for each vessel size for quick grab and go. Will be ordering more.