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XL Wick Centering Kit

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  • You've spent more time than anyone will know testing and perfecting your candles (we know - we've been there). Your beautiful candles deserve centered wicks. The Wick Setter is used to place the wick perfectly centered in the bottom of your vessel and the Wick Holders are used to center and hold the top of the wick while the wax solidifies. Every part of our design process was done with ease of use and productivity in mind.

    What's Included:
    1x Wick Setter
    60x Wick Holders

    Happy wicking!

  • - Patent pending
    - Made in the USA from domestically sourced materials
    - Speeds up candle production
    - Improves quality and safety of the candle
    - Eliminates frustration of "eyeballing" every wick
    - Holds wicks firmly to prevent shifting and slouching during wax setting
    - Eliminates wasted candles from wicks falling out of inferior wick holders
    - Made specifically for each vessel for a perfect fit
    - Made from a recyclable, plant-based bioplastic
    - Configurable for many different wick types and wick placements
    - To prevent issues with the Wick Holders, we do not recommend heating the vessels or covering/insulating the candles while the Wick Holders are in use
    - To clean, wipe with a dry cloth or paper towel

  • When using multiple wicks, spacing (measured from wick to wick) is typically what is shown in the table below. This is based on the most commonly used spacing for these specific diameters. If you prefer different spacing, just let us know in the “Special instructions" section at checkout!

    Top Diameter  (Wick Spacing)
    3"-3.99"  (1")
    4"-4.74"  (1.25")
    4.75"-5.49"  (1.5")
    5.5"+  (1.75")

Customer Reviews

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Customer Service

Fantastic customer service! Alyssa helped me troubleshoot an issue I was having and made the issue not an issue 😊

Kareen Gendron

Très agréable à travailler

Janet Sims-Martin

It was exactly what I ordered and works well for me and my business. I am glad. This will help me grow my business.

Kalpesh Bhakta
Awesome accessories

Helped speed up our process by almost 100 percent
Thank you 🙏

Nicholas Wilson
Exceeded expectations!

I purchased a kit for my straight sided tumblers on a recommendation from two great candle makers. They both claim they have used others in the past, but now use Norden supplies exclusively. I figured that was enough to warrant a test. I've used straight metal wick bars, bowtie wick bars, no wick bars, and every method of wick setting you can imagine from placing by eye to drawing and cutting templates out of paper. None of them work as well or as easily as the Norden tools do. These tools have saved me so much time and effort and the results are consistent and repeatable. For custom 3D printed items, the cost is very reasonable. I will be using Norden exclusively from now on!